iPod Magician - Marco Tempest

iPod Magician - Marco Tempest

Here is the preview of my ipod magic. Have fun watching and let me know what you think. More information about my magic can be found at www.marcotempest.com Special Thanks to Karl Germain (1878-1959) for the inspiration. David Britland for adding the magic of words, Kevin Blanc for relentlessly tweaking the motion graphics and bringing the butterflies to life, Alain Renold for making Karl smile one last time, Jojo Mayer for the wicked soundtrack. Matt, Sherry, Emily and sweet Carmen for their cameo appearances. Tobias Beckwith for Karls' voice. A super special shout out to Eric Redlinger for programing MultiVid. And to Paul Cope for inventing thermoplastic glue, without it this project would not have been possible. I made the application that I use to sync the iPods available for free at the App store: itunes.apple.com So if you feel inspired just download and start creating... Here are the instructions on how to use it: marcotempest.com
RT @notyourwifey_x: Follow @WiljijDatook voor me ! & maak kans op een bb of ipod !

RT @Slechte_grappen: Aan de meneer met het draaiorgel: Koop gewoon een iPod, man! #slechtegrappen

iPod is zoveel chiller dan bb, behalve die kut auto correctie xD

Haha @DonBrann wilt met mij een deal maken, voor een nieuwe ipod.


@Imymeminewon Hey follow @VELVIAcorp yuks lalu ikut kuisny ada Ipod Shuffle yg menantimu lohƪ(Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡)‎​ʃ.Dijamin Ga nyesel Guys :)

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